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Bet 365 Bingo by mark_79

Like it's sport betting page, bet 365 bingo is quality. Used to bet on sports only but now bingo too. Well worth it. Lots of promotions. Will recommend to anyone.

Heart Bingo by Cam_27

Just joined and I <3 Heart Bingo!!! The radio station is my favourite and so is HB! Played the wagering requirement which is x2, which equals £40. Not too bad! Won on slots! YAY! Everyone is super friendly, a real community! Think I'm in love :-)

Rehab Bingo by Cathy_81

Rehab has to be one of the best sites out there. Been playing online bingo for about 3 years now and it's def my favourite. CMs are friendly and always willing to help. Pots get really big!!!

Bingo Hollywood by SupaSteve

Love love love bingo Hollywood!!! There's always something exciting happening and the CMs are great! The fact that you get a 75% redposit bonus is pretty fantastic in my books. They always give away free points too. Whoooopeeee!

Bingo Loft by matt_404

I love the show so playing at BBB is right up my alley. Bonus deal is not bad but what keeps me going back for more are the promos - always new ones and the prizes are not only cash. It's nice that you can win tickets to events etc. Site is probably good because it runs on Dragonfish - all the best sites do. Also like the fact that it's not too busy. CMs are sweet so always helping me out and entertaining me. Join and you won't be sorry!

Love My Bingo by lilly

Love My Bingo? Sure, I'll love it... I already do!!! Really love Team Bingo cos I get to play with my fave roomies. Some nice xmas promos on now so a great time to join!! 200% bonus if you do x

Bingo Please by molly_shines

OMG! BP is sooooo cute! The site is simple and the games are good. Always play 75 ball, not sure why? HAHA! 200% bonus a nice way to get into it. But you don't need to test, I'm telling you its the best! See you there ;-)

Prime Slots by sugarbabe77

This is the best slot site you'll find. Never had any trouble except for not knowing when to stop!!! lolz! 1 in 3 chance of winning, who can say no to that! U crazy if you don't try it!

Butlers Bingo by Kathysmiles11

Love Butlers! Great site - fun and features are great, like when you get closer to winning and your tickets change colour. Pretty kewl!

Winner Bingo by Jimbo48

I got the free £10 bonus so I gave it a bash. Just use the tenner you can only play in one room. Deposit and you get access to all rooms. Makes sense I guess. Quite frankly, it's a good that you can't play in the linked rooms with the free tenner, like other sites allow. It’s more fair. Roomies are nice and the CMs friendly.

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