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Foxy Bingo by dawn023

I just love Foxy Bingo! I mean Foxy is just so cute and charming. What's not to love?! The bingo is great and the promos are the best. Plenty of rooms, chat host are super friendly and I always feel welcome.

Robin Hood Bingo by cynth27

Robin Hood Bingo is loads of fun and being a lover of the tale I was immediately hooked! The chat hosts are great and my fellow roomies are always friendly. Really love the themed promotions. Free daily coins are cool. Def my favourite site!

Sing Bingo by rockingryan

Sing Bingo is great bingo site with a musical twist! I'm a musician myself so it compliments my interests. The themed promos get me revved up and when I'm done playing I can't help but pick up my guitar! Nice no deposit bonus and the hosts are very friendly. Games are world class!

Wink Bingo by nancytuckett

Experienced a few site crashes but it seems to have been resolved. That said, the developers always seem to be making the site better. Help desk is super resourceful and CMs are great. Won a few times but what really keeps me playing is the look and feel of the site. I know these things are less important to most people but I'm an artist so aesthetics are everything!

Costa Bingo by Sandygold

You've gotta love Costa! It's the best on cold, gray days cos the Costa sun becomes even brighter. Games are so much fun and bonuses good in my opinion. Free bingo is a treat and chat is always a hoot!

Jackpotjoy by maddog

I've been with Jackpotjoy for a few years now and I've played at many other sites too. JJ is top of my list because it's the most entertaining and customer support is always helpful. You can't go wrong with this site.

Giggle Bingo by mag87

Not much more to say except that Giggle Bingo is lots of fun and the CMs very entertaining. Worth every penny!

Tombola by Nickynoo

Big variety of games and good ticket prices. Promos always change which keeps things entertaining. Like the tombola social networking system because it allows me to keep in touch with my bingo mates. Best thing is that it's laid out clearly, no hassles understanding anything. Best site out there!

Steamy Bingo by Meg27

What can I say? I'm a sucker for all things steamy. Playing bingo at Steamy gets me hot! Games are great but it's the theme I love. Yummy!

Ladbrokes Bingo by Nifty_Tristy

Been playing at Laddy's for as long as I can remember. I guess because when I find something good I tend to stick with it. Withdrawals are fast and I've had a fair amount of small wins. Customer service is great. Give it a try!

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