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Ladbrokes Bingo by mavis81

i play at this site pretty much every day. best promos and nice bonuses. friendly community. a real winner!!!

Butlers Bingo by denise74

Gotta love the butler! Great promos and good laughs. I feel so at home there :-)

Sing Bingo by miriam79

Sing Bingo is just plain fun! Games are great and winnings are plenty. promotions are great and when you sign up the bonus is not bad either. Best all round site!

Prime Slots by jenevieve23

i love bingo but every now and again i need something different. thank heavens for prime slots!! it's pure fun and i've won quite a few times. not much but it's paid for my deposits. join if you like your slots - this is the best site on the market!

Bet 365 Bingo by Jono69

This site really makes you feel welcome. The CMs are always joining in conversation and joking around. Team tourneys are a real hoot and the more I get to know my mates the better it gets. Haven't won much but i don't really have good luck in general. My friend however won over 2k! Check it out for yourself. You'll be hooked in no time!!

Costa Bingo by Xavier27

Costa Bingo must be one of the best bingo sites. Everyone is friendly and the site brings a smile to my face every time I logon. My money lasts longer than other sites. Definitely a must.

Bingo Hollywood by goodie2shoes

i just love bingo hollywood! it's so much fun and the prizes are pretty great. players and chat hosts pretty friendly too. been a member for a year and will play until i die!!!

Tombola by donquan

Love Tombola - especially since I won some good cash there! I'm not much of a chatter; get straight to it. So can't say much about that. All I know is that the bingo is great!!!

Mecca Bingo by alex30

I recently joined and got a call o ask if I was happy. Happy I was! It's easy to use and the atmosphere is great. If you want to feel like more than just a player, Mecca will make you feel super special!

Bingo Tag by ronraff11

Great site. Tickets can be a little pricey but the promos and prizes make it worth it. Nice CMs and overall I feel very welcome when I play there. It may not be veryone's cup of tea but I reckon you should give it a bash yourself to find out if it is.

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