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Mira Bingo by mannyman

One of my favourites. Mira is just plain fun and good value for money. Nice selection of games and promos change often enough to keep things fresh and entertaining. I don't chat much so can't anything about that although I've heard good things. A great site if you enjoy a daily dash of bingo.

Bingo on the Box by Mellymagic

Best thing about this site? The TV show that goes with it! It feels like I'm in the middle of a massive game! Quite addictive actually. Try it!

Bingo Street by Pat_64

The best thing about Bingo Street is the community. I live in the city because of work but I've always wanted the small-town, suburban life, white picket fences and all. Bingo Street may not be real but for the few hours I spend there each day, I get a taste of what it must be like to live amongst hearty neighbours who share sugar and get together for tea. The bingo is indeed outstanding but it's really the players that make it my favourite site. Love it!

Sing Bingo by RandyRomps

How many other bingo sites are dedicated to music lovers? Not many and compared to those that are, Sing Bingo is by far the best. The promos are always innovative and you can't beat winning tickets to see a famous band. I mean cash prizes are great but money runs out - memories are forever. Sing Bingo rocks! (Excuse the pun). lol

Paddy Power Bingo by Louise_lillybum

Got to love Paddy Power. It's full of Irish luck and winning is not as hard as one would expect. The community, ahhh, the community, is like my extended family only without the trouble. Hope you join and become a part of it!

Ladbrokes Bingo by mike_72

ladbrokes is great. few sites can compare. the bingo is the best in the world and the fact that you can bet on sports with ladbrokes is just the cherry on top. see you there!

Jackpotjoy by HeatherJ

If you've seen the ads on TV you'll know that Jackpotjoy is full of fun. And in today's world, we all need some fun! Best games and promotions, with great prizes too. CMs are a hoot! It's difficult to come by sites of this stature. Give it a try and you'll know what I mean ;-)

Heart Bingo by ruth_80

What's not to love about Heart Bingo? It ties in perfectly with Heart FM and it has got some of the best games around. If you like the radio station you'll love Heart Bingo. Join now!

Prime Slots by Dom_77

I love slots and Prime Slots seems to have the best on the net. It's great because their focus is mainly on slots and it shows in the quality of the games. Payouts not bad and promos are good. I always receive good customer service. Overall a very good slot site. Well worth the initial £5 deposit.

Butlers Bingo by drake_036

I thoroughly enjoy Butlers Bingo. Great games, promos and community. Awesome welcome bonus too!

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