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Zoom Bingo by tinytina

Zoom Bingo is the best looking bingo site but everything else is pretty much great. I've won a few times and I've had a few issues but thanks to the helpdesk they were quickly resolved. I guess my favourite thing is the free bingo every day. Great value for money.

Ruby Bingo by gina_jewels

5 out of 5 simply because I haven't experienced better service anywhere else. Ruby's games are outstanding and the community entertaining. I've even gotten my best recipes from fellow roomies. LOVE IT!

Ruby Bingo by jollyjune

Ruby may not be as flashy as other sites but its quality is outstanding. Exceptional customer service and some great games! Also like the fact that you can go through and bet on sports. Can't go worng with anything by William Hill.

Bingo3X by jimmyjakes

Bingo3x is tops when it comes to entertaining. Although there aren't as many promotions as I would like, the ones that are offered are pretty great. Welcome bonus not bad too. What I really love is the site's social media antics. The mascots are innovative and always make me chuckle.

Butlers Bingo by margerita

Butlers is probably my favourite site of all. I play at about 3 others and they're all good but this one just a little more. I really don't know why. Maybe it's the community or the games? Maybe it's the fact that i've won more on this one? Or it's just the feeling I get from it... Join and you tell me :-)

Bingo Tag by ronnieriots

I play at this site a lot probably because it's simple and easy to use. haven't won much but for me that's not what it's about. people insist on winning all the time but it's gambling, people! if everyone won all the time these companies would be out of business. Have fun first - winning prizes should come as a bonus, not a prerequisite.

Steamy Bingo by staceystone

i love steamy bingo. it's sexy and hot just like me. lolz! seriously though i just think it's fun to play bingo with a 'steamy' theme. met some nice people there too ;-)

Tombola by dangerdamion

tombola is a decent site. nice welcome and great bingo. chat is off the wall! sign up or your loss :-P

Sky Bingo by maddy

Got to love Sky! Great bonuses, great games, great promos and great community. Can't go wrong with this one!

Maria Casino by JustplainJane

Maria Bingo is so different to all the other sites out there and for that reason I must say that it's a breath of fresh air. It's always fun and entertaining and new promos come out all the time. Some great card prizes too! See you there :-)

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