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Tidy Bingo’s Big Prize Hours

Last update on July 4, 2016.

Tidy Bingo’s Big Prize Hours

They say that nothing in life is guaranteed. Tidy Bingo are trying to prove this old saying wrong in July with a month of guaranteed-jackpot hours in their popular Tidy Cupboard room.

When Can I Win Guaranteed Jackpots at Tidy Bingo?

Guaranteed jackpots are being offered in every session of the Tidy Cupboard in July. The room opens every Tuesday night between 7pm and 10pm.

In July, the dates of the Cupboard are: July 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.

The guaranteed jackpot hours are between 9pm and 10pm.

How Much are the Guaranteed Jackpots Worth?

The prize fund for every game – no matter how many players are in the room – in these hours is £15-per-game.

That means a total of more than £500 is guaranteed for players in just those hours in July.

Each game’s prizes are: one line wins £3, two lines earns £4.50, and the full-house jackpot is £7.50.

What’s the Tidy Cupboard?

The Tidy Cupboard is an exclusive room for Tidy Bingo players only. The room is the heart of a fun, friendly site. It’s always hosted, by CM Blondie, who runs great chat games, great conversation, and a tournament game called Mop Bingo.

The Tidy Cupboard also plays a big role in a number of Tidy Bingo promotions. Keep an eye on the site’s promotions page for details.

The room opens at 7pm with another guaranteed Jackpot Game. Tidy and the Troops has a £50 prize fund and raises cash for Help for Heroes – Tidy members have donated more than £2,000 to the popular services charity.

And the Cupboard has its own progressive jackpot.

How Do I Join Tidy Bingo Now?

Joining Tidy Bingo is super-quick and easy. As you sign up your first deposit (if it’s over £10) will be boosted with a 200% bonus and the chance to win between £5 and £2,500 in extra bonus funds.

New players can also enjoy free bingo for real cash prizes and a monthly prize draw for first-time depositors.

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