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Fingers Crossed to be Tidy Bingo’s Million Winner

Last update on June 2, 2016.

Fingers Crossed to be Tidy Bingo’s Million Winner

There’s a big decision to be made about Europe this month. But whatever your views on whether the UK should remain in the European Union or not, you can still enjoy playing for the enormous prizes in the Euromillions lottery draw with Tidy Bingo’s Tidy Millions.

What is Tidy Millions?

As the name suggests there’s a potentially huge prize up for grabs in Tidy Millions.

The game is very simple. Tidy Bingo buy a Euromillions ticket for each Tuesday night draw. Players qualify by playing at Tidy. And if Tidy’s boat comes in, the winnings are shared between all qualifying players.

Lucky Numbers

Rather than go dipping in the lucky number bucket every week, Tidy Bingo has a set of numbers that mean a lot to the site.

Their ticket always features the numbers: 2, 8, 13, 15, and 21, with 5, and 8 as Lucky Stars numbers.

The 21, 8, and 13, stand for 21st August 2013, the date when Tidy opened up to players. The site is on the 15 Network – hence 15. And Tidy is owned by a couple of friends, Nickie and David, who are represented with the number 2.

Those Lucky Stars numbers are good old fashioned pick-em-and-hope random numbers.

How Do I Qualify For Tidy Millions?

To get your share of any winnings those numbers might earn you need to play at Tidy Bingo.

The qualifying games take place on Tuesday evenings in the exclusive Tidy Cupboard room between 7pm and 9pm.

Turn up in the room – and remain in the room, visible to the chat host – in that time window and take part in five bingo games or more and you’ll be eligible for a slice of whatever winning pie the Tidy Millions ticket collects.

Fingers Crossed For Big Wins

So this is a straight forward lottery syndicate. And it’s worth joining, because Euromillions is one of the biggest lottery games in the world.

The record jackpots have both been €190 million! That’s getting on for £150,000,000 give or take a million or two – which you can when you’ve won €190 million.

Syndicates do win too. A group of 12 bus drivers shared £38 million, over £3 million each. One of the biggest lottery wins of all time, a $656-million Mega Millions jackpot in the USA was shared with two individual winners and a syndicate, “The Three Amigos” who all worked in education and got a third of $218.6 million each. It’s estimated that around one-third of all lottery tickets are bought by syndicates.

The Small Print

Small wins will be paid to players pretty much immediately, but if the Tidy Millions syndicate strike really lucky there’ll be a slightly longer pay-out process.

You can find the full small print at the Tidy Bingo promotions page. So ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

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