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Tidy Bingo’s Help for Heroes Game

Last update on Nov. 4, 2015.

Tidy Bingo’s Help for Heroes Game

Help for Heroes, the charity that supports injured service personnel, is one of the most popular good causes there is. Bingo players who want to show their support for this excellent organisation should head to Tidy Bingo where the weekly game donates to the charity and offers players a guaranteed prize fund and a draw for Help for Heroes hoodies and t-shirts.

What is Tidy and The Troops?

The game started as a means of supporting some bingo-playing UK troops in Afghanistan – did you know bingo has a long, honourable history in the British army? Sadly, that link was broken by the practicalities of keeping in touch with soldiers in a war-zone. But Tidy wanted to keep supporting UK forces and made Tidy and the Troops a game that supports Help for Heroes.

How Do I Play Tidy and The Troops?

Tidy and the Troops plays every Tuesday night in Tidy’s exclusive room, the Tidy Cupboard. The room opens at 7pm, and Tidy and The Troops is always the first game on the schedule. You’ll find lots of other great games, an exclusive progressive jackpot, chat contests and extra points in Tidy’s promotions in the Cupboard, which also opens every Friday night from 7pm to 11pm. You just need to be a Tidy member to play.

What’s the Deal with the Money and Prizes?

Tidy don’t make a penny from Tidy and The Troops. Tickets sold fund the prize fund and any money raised above that is donated to Help for Heroes. The jackpot is always £50, and it’s split between a one-line prize of £10; £15 for the two-line winner; and a full-house prize of £25. Tickets are 25p each and you can pre-buy to book your place in the game.

So far Tidy has donated getting on for £2,000 to the charity. They’re a registered event with Help for Heroes and keep players updated on the fund-raising on their Tidy and The Troops page.

All players who enter Tidy and The Troops are also entered into a prize draw for a Help for Heroes hoody or t-shirt. One ticket equals one draw entry. Please make sure the contact details on your account are up to date so Tidy can call you and sort out the size and colour of your prize.

This is a game that is generous to players and to one of our best charities. Plenty of reason to form ranks and march over to Tidy Bingo on Tuesday nights.

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