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Haunted Jackpots at Bingo Street

Last update on Oct. 30, 2015.

Haunted Jackpots at Bingo Street

To celebrate Halloween, Bingo Street and its sister sites will be running three haunted jackpot games. These games will play on 31st October and each has a total prize pot of £666. If you already have plans for the night – don’t worry. Simply pre-buy your tickets now and then check your account later to see if your bingo balance is looking healthier.

‘Ghostly Hall’ is the name of the first game that will take place at 8:30pm on Halloween. The game is a 90 ball bingo game and tickets cost just 6p each. The prize money for this game will be split as follows: £50 for the winner of 1Line, £100 for the 2Line winner and £400 for the winner of the Full House. All players who get 1TG will get a share of £116.

The second game is a 75 ball game called Spooky Study. This game will play at 9pm on the same evening and tickets also cost just 6p each. The winner of this game will scoop up £555 and all players with 1TG will share £111.

The last and final game will be the 90 ball Creepy Kitchen game, played at 9:30pm. Tickets are priced at 6p each and the pot will be split like this: £66 for 1 Line, £100 for 2 Lines and £500 for the full house.

All these games are located in the Haunted Jackpots tab and up to 96 tickets may be purchased per game.

To join in with the Haunted Jackpot games you need to have an active account with Bingo Street. There’s currently a 200% new player bonus offer available at the site, plus you can win anything from 50p to £5 absolutely FREE when you play the Shake the Signpost game.

Good Luck and Happy Halloween :)

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