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Tidy Bingo Player Wins Networked PJP

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy Bingo Player Wins Networked PJP

Tidy Bingo players certainly seem to be on a roll right now, with not one but two progressive jackpot winners striking it lucky over the past few weeks. The first of these was wtg_lol who walked away with the brands exclusive PJP at 9:45pm on Tuesday 4th August, but more recently a player that goes by the name of wolf67 hit it big winning the 90 ball network jackpot of £434.58 after investing just 78p in cards.

No Room Hopping Needed At Tidy Bingo

One of the many advantages of being a Tidy Bingo player is the ability to take part in multiple games, spread across multiple rooms and have the results beamed right to you screen no matter where you are playing. Wolf67 had actually been playing in the exclusive Tidy Cupboard on Tuesday 1st September, but decided to try his luck in the 15 networked Glitz and Glam room too. Before too long he received a message to say he had activated the jackpot with just one number to spare, calling a full house on the number 2 in just 38 balls. This was not his only win either, as he recently scooped a bingo book and Tidy Bingo branded goods in their Catchphrase competition that runs on Facebook [please link to].

What Makes A Progressive Jackpot?

Tidy Bingo is home to a number of different jackpots but most impressive are the progressive ones as they just keep on growing until they are finally won. The way they work is actually quite simple, with a percentage of every ticket sale funnelled directly into the prize pot. The 15 Network is home to both 75 and 90 ball PJP's as they like to make sure that all of their players are catered for. In the 75 ball rooms the number of balls needs to activate the jackpot varies from pattern to pattern, but in the networked 90 ball rooms you have to call in 39 balls or less.

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