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New Jackpot Schedule at Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

New Jackpot Schedule at Tidy Bingo

There’s a shakeup in the schedule for jackpot games in the 15 Network, which includes Tidy Bingo.

The good news is that players won’t lose out. In fact they’ll gain: the new timetable increases the prize money – with one jackpot doubled - to be won and reduces the amount of money players spend before pay-outs considerably.

Tidy Bingo Exclusives

These changes do not effect Tidy’s exclusive games played in the Tidy Cupboard on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7pm to 11pm. There you can still enjoy an exclusive progressive jackpot and Tidy and the Troops on Tuesday nights with its £50 prize fund.

Cancelled Network Games

From 1st September, these jackpot games will no longer play:
Rise and Shine
Daily Dosh
Friday Fever
Tuesday Treats

New Networked Jackpot Game Schedule

Instead, players can enjoy playing these games, which can all be pre-bought for:

VIP Jackpot. Playing on the first Saturday every month with tickets costing just £1 for a £500 pay-out, the VIP Jackpot Game is open to players with Bronze rating or above in the Tidy Bingo/15 Network loyalty scheme. Winners pick up £100 for one line, £150 for two lines, and £250 for the full-house jackpot.

Fair and Square. This new game plays on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Tickets are just 1p and the prize fund is £100. The pay-outs are: £10 each for one-to-go and two-to-go winners; £10 for one line; £20 for the two line winner; and £500 for the full house. There’s also a community jackpot.

Friday Fortune plays every Friday. Tickets are 10p to play towards a £250 pay-out, split as follows: one-to-go winners share £25; the one-line winner pockets £50; £75 goes to the two-line winner; and the full house is worth £75. There’s also a community jackpot on this game.

Pay Day Jackpot At 15 Network now has a jackpot doubled to £2,000, while the ticket price remains at 50p. Winners will be paid as follows: Three £250 prize pools to be shared by one-to-go, two-to-go and three-to-go winners (a £750 total); the one-line winner collects £250; the two-line prize is £400; and the full house pays out £600.

Remember you can pre-buy for all these games and still play Tidy’s exclusive games in the Tidy Cupboard from 7pm to 11pm every Tuesday and Friday. If you’re not already a Tidy Bingo player sign up now for a welcome package including a minimum 200% bonus on first deposits of £10 or more and a week of free bingo games.

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