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Tidy And The Troops At Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy And The Troops At Tidy Bingo

Tidy Bingo aren’t a huge bingo brand, just a small community site but they’re really carving out a name for themselves as just that. When they launched their standalone bingo room in February 2014 they also launched a jackpot game called Tidy and the Troops and as well as creating lots of winners, the game has raised lots of cash for Help for Heroes too!

Tidy and the Troops is the opening game in the Cupboard every Tuesday evening at 7pm. The jackpot is a guaranteed £50 and all profits from the game go to Help for Heroes. Helping a great cause is fantastic, and the jackpot is certainly appealing but now Tidy Bingo has introduced another great reason to play.

With immediate effect every ticket you buy for the Tidy and the Troops game will earn you an entry into a prize draw to win a Help for Heroes hoody or t-shirt!

The prize will be given away in a once-monthly draw and every single ticket you purchase throughout the month will give you an entry into the draw, so the more you play, the more cash you make for a great cause and the more chance you have of winning the prize draw too!

Tickets for the game are just 25p each, and although the game is once-weekly in the Tidy Cupboard you can pop in at any time and buy yours, you don’t even need to be in the room when the game plays. Although, we would recommend you pop in if you can, because with the 15 Network amalgamating their chat rooms, elbow space is short and that action by the network has given the standalone Tidy Cupboard a lot more appeal!

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