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Tidy Lotto With Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy Lotto With Tidy Bingo

Whether its bingo balls or lottery balls that takes your fancy, they both have something in common, and that is, they give you the opportunity to win some cash. At Tidy Bingo they are giving their players the chance to combine their love of ‘balls’ by creating a promotion that will have you enjoying your bingo that is based around the National Lottery. Players can take part in the Tidy Lotto promotion where they will be entered into a weekly draw, as long as they meet the qualifying requirements.

And what is even more appealing about this particular promotion is, unlike the National Lottery game, it won’t cost you any extra to be eligible to enter. To ensure your entry into the Tidy Lotto you must deposit and wager a minimum of £20 during the course of one month, then at the beginning of the following month you need to email Tidy with your chosen numbers which will then be valid for the draws during that month. If you continue to meet the requirements your numbers will be automatically entered into the weekly draw.

Tidy Lotto will then use the numbers that are drawn from Wednesdays National Lottery draw to determine any winners, if you have chosen well and your lucky numbers come out, you will win the following:

Match three main balls and you will win £10 bonus or £5 cash
Match four main balls and you will win £20 bonus or £10 cash
Match five main balls and you will win £30 bonus or £15 cash
Match six main balls and you will win £50 bonus or £25 cash

Whether you are new to this brand or an existing player, don’t miss your chance to be part of the Tidy Lotto and become a winner with Tidy Bingo.

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