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Tidy Chat Games With Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy Chat Games With Tidy Bingo

Online bingo is constantly evolving, from the standard of prizes that we see to the progression of technology in which we can use to play the game on the Internet via our desktop or mobile device. For some players it’s the interaction with others that is something that still matters when choosing a site to play at. Tidy Bingo is a brand that is well known for their dedication and maintains a high standard of player interaction that contributes to a successful site. Among all the fantastic, exclusive promotions that they have to offer, they are some firm favourites in the chat games at Tidy Bingo.

Every Tuesday evening from 7pm- 11pm in Tidy’s standalone room, the Tidy Cupboard, you can join in with all the fun and frolics that this room has to offer whilst helping yourself to the chance of winning hundreds of loyalty points. Enjoy the opportunity to chat along with your fellow roomies whilst also joining in with the light-hearted banter with the chat hosts. It’s an evening of bingo that will keep you entertained for hours. Here is a selection of some of the chat games you will find in the Tidy Cupboard:

Stinky Pits – in this game you need to choose two numbers, one from the B column (1-18) and the other from the O column (73 - 90). When both of your numbers have been called type 'I HAVE BO' in chat and you will be rewarded with loyalty points.

Tag A Tidyer - It's all about your generous side in this game, when you win a game of bingo you will get to tag a fellow Tidyer to win the loyalty points that are on offer.

Clean And Tidy – you need to choose two numbers between 1 and 90 for this chat game, When they have both been called type ‘All Clean and Tidy’ in chat and if you are first player to do so you will be awarded the loyalty points.

In addition to Tidy’s exclusive chat games, they also provide you with the network offerings. There are a multitude of games played in the other rooms. One such game is the HI LO (90) where you have to pick any two numbers, when they have both been called you need to type ‘Hi Lo’ in to chat in order to make your claim, you will then be given the choice as to whether you want to take the 500 loyalty points that are on offer or try to double it up by guessing if the last ball out is Lo: 1-44 or Hi: 45-90, if you guess wrong you walk away empty handed.

As a further incentive to try out Tidy Bingo’s chat games in the standalone room there is the new Tidy Savers promotion. Every time that you win loyalty points in any of the chat games in this room only you will have the choice as to whether you ‘take’ or ‘bank’ them. If you take them, you will redeem them in the usual way for bonus funds, but if you choose to bank them, then they will be stored up for you and at the end of the promotional period you can turn them into Love2Shop vouchers that can be used towards the cost of Christmas. It’s a fantastic idea from the team at Tidy, so why don’t you see for yourself and visit Tidy Bingo today!

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