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Dream Team Bingo With Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Dream Team Bingo With Tidy Bingo

Football usually springs to mind when we think about a Dream Team and if football doesn’t rock your boat then a Dream Team is not what you want to hear about, however the Dream Team you are going to be hearing about is one that will indeed grab your attention as we are talking about Dream Team Bingo! An exciting promotion that is run by the 15 Network and proudly brought to you by Tidy Bingo.

Unlike the usual practise of a Dream Team you do not have to create a team – you will be allocated to a team that has four other members. This fun and exciting promotion allows you to indulge in some great games of bingo whilst also earning points for your Dream Team, the more points you earn the more chance you have of finishing in the top ten which will ensure that your team will win a share of the 300,000 loyalty points that is up for grabs.

To become part of a dynamic dream team, simply email Tidy Bingo where you will be randomly added to a team, and to make sure your scores count towards that of your team, you must deposit and wager at least £5 during the period that you are partaking in. Each month the teams are reshuffled giving you the opportunity to interact and play along with new bingo buddies and starting the race once more to become one of the top ten dream teams, and as long as you meet the qualifying requirements each month, you will be automatically added to a team.

Points will be awarded for every full house win in 75 ball and 90 ball games, which will be added to your team score. At the end of the month the scores will be counted and the loyalty points will be shared in the following way:

1st place – 95,000 points
2nd place – 75,000 points
3rd place – 55,000 points
4th place – 35,000 points
5th place – 15,000 points
6th place – 5,000 points
7th place – 5, 000 points
8th place – 5,000 points
9th place – 5,000 points
10th place – 5,000 points

So if you like the sound of Dream Team Bingo pop along to Tidy Bingo today and become part of a team that promises to be football free but full of bingo thrills.

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