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Christmas Chaos at Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Christmas Chaos at Tidy Bingo

If you have ever played at Tidy Bingo, you will know that they are very much one big happy family. You don't have to take our word for it though, just venture into the Tidy Cupboard on a Tuesday night and you will see that it really is like the Cheers bar, where everyone knows your name! This time of year is an important time for families, and this is why they have decided to throw an exclusive Christmas Chaos party and celebrate by giving away prizes, vouchers and chat points galore.

The fun is kicking off at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd December and the good news is you don't even have to bring a bottle! The festivities will begin as always with the Tidy and The Troops game, raising money for Help for Heroes whilst giving you the chance to win a share of a guaranteed £50 jackpot. The rest of the evening will be broken down into hour long segments, each one packed full of prizes:

7pm until 8pm – Snog Me Santa Chat Game

Nickie will be on duty to make sure everything ticks along nicely. She will ask you for two numbers between one and ninety; One is your Santa number and the other is your mistletoe number. When you see both of your numbers called, be the first one to type "Snog Me Santa" and you will win 1,000 points

8pm until 9pm – Mistletoe Mayhem

Everyone in the room will be allocated four numbers (sent to you via email on the morning of the 23rd if you are a Tidy Cupboard regular). Each time a game is won, the player allocated the number it was won on will receive a prize. In total there will be thirteen games during the hour, four for chat points and the other nine with a tangible gift.

9pm until 10pm – Happy Xmas Tidyers

Keep an eye out for the numbers 25 and 12, because if you are the first person to yell 'Happy Xmas Tidyers' in the chat room, you will win yourself some points. The odds are Tidy Bingo will still have some prizes left over from the previous round too, so make sure you stick around to find out.

10pm until 11pm – Last Orders

They are rounding off the evening with an hour of the popular Tag The Tidyer chat game. Each time you win a game, you will be asked to name someone else in the room to receive 1,000 points. In addition to this though, the full house winners of the games at 15, 30, 45 and 55 minutes past the hour will each receive a £10 Love2Shop voucher.

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