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Tidy And The Troops Update From Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy And The Troops Update From Tidy Bingo

Last month Tidy Bingo was extremely excited and proud to make their second donation to the very worthy cause Help For Heroes, taking the total amount donated to over £1,000, an impressive amount indeed. Since the launch of this increasingly popular brand back in August 2013, we have seen the creation of a very inspirational promotion known as Tidy And The Troops, a game which is dedicated to raising as much money as possible for a charity that we can all agree is one that is highly deserving.

Every Tuesday evening Tidy Bingo opens the doors to their very own exclusive room known as the Tidy Cupboard. In here there are a whole host a fun and exciting games to play, but most importantly you will find the Tidy And The Troops game happening at 7pm. There is a guaranteed jackpot of £50 and tickets are priced at 25p, all money that exceeds the jackpot is donated to the charity. Tidy Bingo is very passionate about their fund raising for Help For Heroes and encourage their players to help support the cause so they too can experience the rewards that this promotion offers.

The first Tidy And the Troops game was played back in February and since then they have raised a tidy sum of £1034.75. The first donation was made in May which saw them proudly hand over £467.75 and their most recent donation in October was an impressive £567.10. Reaching the £1,000 milestone is a very honourable achievement by the team at Tidy, but in recognition of this accomplishment the site is well aware that it couldn’t be done without the support of their players.

It’s always refreshing to be able to write content that provides a sense of the ‘feel good factor’ and in Tidy Bingo’s case they certainly should be feeling good about their hard work and success in raising funds for a charity that is close to the hearts of many. Well done Tidy Bingo – keep up the good work!

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