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A Warming Bonfire Night Prize from Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

A Warming Bonfire Night Prize from Tidy Bingo

What does Bonfire Night hold in store for you? Freezing in the garden while dad manages to blow up the shed, or sheltering inside from an explosive night in the neighbourhood? Either way, Tidy’s Guy Fawke’s Night promotion prize – a top-notch Bosch Tassimo hot drinks system – is the perfect remedy. And, Tidy are running this promotion throughout November and for all of their players – all you have to do is enjoy your bingo.

Because Bonfire Night – remembering the 1605 attempt to blow up Parliament with King James I inside it – falls so early in the month, Tidy are opening their Penny for the Guy competition until November 30th.

It’s a very simple contest. Points are scored during regular gameplay and at the end of the month, the Tidy player with the most points takes the prize.

Pattern players will score 10 points for every bingo win on the Fireworks patter. Players of 75-ball and 90-ball games will nab five points every time they complete a full house on the number 5 (this doubles to 10 points if you’re playing in the Tidy Cupboard, an exclusive room playing on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 11pm). There’s another big pattern winner too – spell out GUY with wins on the G, U, and Y patterns throughout the month and it’s worth 50 points (only one win per player).

Follow the leaderboard on the Tidy blog and head to Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news form this friendly site.

You’ll love the Tassimo system. It brews barista-quality coffee every time and offers a range of other beautiful hot drinks too. This gloss black number’ll look great in your kitchen and Tidy are throwing in a selection of drinks refills to get you started.

The fuse has already been lit, so get your hat and scarf on and head to Tidy to enjoy the spectacular show this November. New members will receive an explosive 200% welcome bonus on their first deposit.

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