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Tidy Bingo Roomie Of The Month

Last update on Oct. 14, 2015.

Tidy Bingo Roomie Of The Month

Tidy Bingo is a site that prides itself on putting the wants and needs of their players first, and this is why they always make sure that their schedule is packed full of promotions and rewards. They don't just rely on those offered by the 15 Network though, they have added quite a few of their own into mix since they have launched. These include Tidy Lotto, Tidy Millions, Facebook Snowball, Birthday Bash and the Roomie of the Month, not forgetting that each month they also add a special exclusive too.

The idea for the Roomie of the Month actually came from one of Tidy Bingo's own players. In case you don't know, they have their own exclusive room called the Tidy Cupboard. This room is open once a week between 7pm and 11pm on a Tuesday night and is generally hosted by Nickie who is one of the sites owners. During the four hour session, you get to enjoy your favourite games, chat with other Tidy Bingo players and win yourself some Loyalty Points. It was during a conversation in the chat room where the award was first suggested, and Nickie liked it so much she made it happen!

The title is awarded on a month by month basis and is not based on how much you wager, meaning everyone has an equal chance of winning. They take into account such things as interacting with them on their social networking pages, joining in the fun in the Tidy Cupboard, taking part in chat games and generally your continued support for the brand. The lucky recipient receives a special profile picture that they can wear for the month plus a superb prize. For October the prize is a White Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Jewellery Set and for November it is a professional seven piece coloured knife set and a set of chopping boards to match.

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