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Progressive Jackpot Wins At Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 21, 2014.

Progressive Jackpot Wins At Tidy Bingo

Have you played in the Tidy Cupboard yet? This is Tidy Bingo's exclusive room, which opens every Tuesday night between 7pm and 11pm. During these four hours you are guaranteed to have a great time as Nickie who is one of the sites owners takes control of proceedings and keeps the banter and chat games flowing. As you are not competing against the rest of the network, your chances of winning a prize or two are greatly improved, whether this is through one of their regular jackpot or the exclusive progressive jackpot.

The idea for the progressive jackpot actually came from one of the sites own players, and it is run in addition to the 15 Networks own. Each time anyone purchases a card in the Tidy Cupboard, 5% of the sale price is automatically fed into the prize pot, and to make it easier to win, Tidy Bingo have increased the ball count from 44 to 45. Even though it has only been running a few month's it has already generated five very happy winners, and what is more astonishing, is that not one of them spent more than £1.20 for their winning cards!

heidi2111 started the trend just a week after the progressive jackpot was launched, when she won £80.53 on the 27th May. She was closely followed by xxxBAZINGAxxx who won £82.95 on the 24th June. The third and fourth wins actually both happened on the same night - Tuesday 2nd September; billy0mates took home £93.29 and tickleme pocketed £77.48 just a few games later. The most recent win was on the 16th September when tytyj activated the jackpot and win £79.76.

As you can see, the fickle finger of fate can be pointing to anyone at any time and right now the prize pot sits at nearly £80. You may not think you are that lucky, but here are a few stats we thought you might find interesting:

heidi2111 spent £1.20 and won in 44 balls
xxxBAZINGAxxx spent 60p and won in 36 balls
billy0mate spent 30p and won in 38 balls
tickleme spent £1.20 and won in 43 balls
tytyj spent 60p and won in 42 balls

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