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Tidy Bingo’s Home for World Cup Widows

Last update on June 18, 2014.

Tidy Bingo’s Home for World Cup Widows

You can’t have missed it – it’s on the front pages, on TV every day for hours, the supermarkets are flogging beer on the back of it and St George crosses are starting to appear in the unlikeliest of places. Yes, the world’s gone football mad for a month. If you’re not a fan – while your other half indulges in their passion for “sport” by sitting watching grown men run around in the heat - then it’s a great opportunity to log some quality bingo time and Tidy Bingo have £150 prizes to help you find some other escapes.

Tidy run a number of these promotions and they’re very simple – you’ll win by playing bingo, the best ball game in the world.

The prizes are well worth having too. There’s a choice between a £150 Ticketmaster gift card, a £150 Spa voucher or a Love2Shop voucher also worth £150. That’s enough entertainment, pampering or retail therapy to make Colombia v Greece a distant memory. If none of those options float your boat then there’s £100 in cash to do exactly what you please with. Five runners up will walk away with Tidy-branded goody bags.

Tidy have made 20 and 14 their magic World Cup Widow numbers with the football scoring for pattern players.

Complete a full house on one of those numbers and you’ll earn five points; a win on the football pattern is worth 10 points. When the world cup finally comes to an end on 13th July, the player with the most points takes the prize.

You can double up on those points by playing in the Tidy Cupboard. It’s a standalone room open only to Tidy players – and with a new progressive jackpot starting at £75 – every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm. That’s perfect timing for avoiding evening games from Brazil!

If you’re yet to play at this fun, friendly site then sign up now and you’ll enjoy a minimum 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit. There’s plenty of time to earn the points to really show football the red card this summer.

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