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New Weekly Offers at William Hill Bingo

Last update on Oct. 15, 2015.

New Weekly Offers at William Hill Bingo

William Hill Bingo is without a doubt the cream of the crop in the virtual world of online bingo. This professionally run site has plenty of games to enjoy, loads of big jackpots and is owned and operated by one of the most trusted UK companies , Virtue Fusion.

This month of April, William Hill went all out in terms of games and promotions. They have not only improved their Bingo games and prizes but they have also added three new weekly offers to their résumé, namely, Money Saving Mondays, The Money Ladder and Sunday Sales.

Money Saving Mondays

The promotion will run from 6 pm until Midnight on Mondays in the Main Room. There will be an enormous £20,000 up for grabs with tickets costing a mere 1p.

There will be plenty of games for you to enjoy such as £400 The Big Roll On Value, Roll On Bingo, Penny Bingo and Value 1/2TG amongst many others.

There will also be two Bingo Linx games for you to play at a low price of 10p per ticket.

• 6pm - £500 Bingo Linx
• 10:30pm - £1000 bingo Linx

The Money Ladder

The promotion will run on Tuesdays in the Main Room. Between 6pm and 10pm the prize pot per game will increase every hour by £100. Here are the prize pots per game:

• 6pm until 7pm - £600
• 7pm until 8pm - £700
• 8pm until 9pm - £800
• 9pm until 9:54pm - £900

The game finale takes place at 10pm and has a hot prize pot of £1,000

Sunday Sales

During the Sunday Sale you will get the opportunity to buy one ticket and get up to five tickets for free. The promotion will take place every Sunday in the Main Room between 5pm and 11pm with tickets prices starting from as little as 1p. The prizes for these games range up to £600.

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