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Standalone Room Coming To Tidy Bingo

Last update on Feb. 26, 2014.

Standalone Room Coming To Tidy Bingo

If there is something that can get the blood rushing and the adrenaline flowing, it is online bingo and soon there will be a brand new place to play compliments of Tidy Bingo. Opening shortly is a fresh face to the rooms available at Tidy and its name is the Tidy Cupboard. The room is to be exclusive to Tidyers and if you would like to know what treats will be inside, just keep reading.

Now, the new room is going to be open from the 25th February and be open from 7pm until 11pm every Tuesday and Friday after that. It will play host to a wide array of chat games and tournaments that will have you on the edge of your seat for the fair majority of your time in the room. And being exclusively available to Tidy players makes it all the more special in our eyes.

Exclusivity and tournaments aren’t the only things that make this new room the place to be. When it opens there will be a unique chat host waiting for you at it’s virtual cupboard doors. Nickie is going to be there every night the room is open to make sure that your bingo experience is as good as it can be and has said herself that her aim is to take you back to the way online bingo used to be played. Nothing beats a little nostalgia. If the name means nothing to you then it is worth noting that the host is none other than one of the site owner’s! Talk about “hands on”.

We have no doubt that she will fill the room with lots of banter to have you laughing out loud as well as cheering for your most recent win.

So, if you fancy a sweety from the Tidy Cupboard, then make sure you are there for the opening night and see for yourself just how much fun it’s going to be.

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