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Plenty Of Reload Ammo At Tidy Bingo

Last update on Feb. 26, 2014.

Plenty Of Reload Ammo At Tidy Bingo

Tidy Bingo are fairly new arrivals in the online bingo world, but if they continue to show the generosity they’ve started out with they should soon have plenty of loyal followers. One example in point is the reload bonus scheme, which guarantees a real bonus of 25% on every deposit over £10.

That 50% is a minimum and you can use the Tidy Bingo VIP programme to build up to much higher bonuses. In fact, the top level of members get 75% as well as generous monthly cash backs.

Let’s start with how it works for ordinary members of the site. There are of course some restrictions on the reload bonus. The maximum bonus payable is £200. There are also wagering restrictions: you must wager three times the full amount of your deposit and bonus before you could withdraw that money from your account without penalty. Thankfully, at Tidy you can withdraw at any time if you have more than £30 in your account and don’t mind losing your bonus funds.

The VIP Scheme ramps up those pay outs quite considerably, and Tidy are very honest about its purpose – they want you to keep coming back for more. After the standard member level, there are four steps to climb: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black.

You climb up the ladder by simply playing games and as you go you open up new rewards. As a Bronze member you’ll get 50% reloads and 1% cash back each month, Silver nets you 60% reload bonuses and 3% cash back, Gold is worth a 5% cash back and 65% on your deposits before you reach the top and that 75% reload bonus and 7% cash back. There’s a maximum of £50 cash back each month and you even get a bonus on your birthday in the shape of a potential maximum of 15,000 LP points for use on the site.

Tidy could be cleaning up soon.

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