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Guy Fawkes At Tidy Bingo

Last update on Oct. 13, 2014.

Drawing ever closer if one the most explosive times of the year, literally. Fireworks will be booming, kids will be writing their names with sparklers and the dogs will be hiding under the dinner table, well, ours will anyway. This is all because of Bonfire Night, aka Guy Fawkes, and Tidy Bingo have just the thing to put a sparkle in your eye, aside from the colourful rockets in the sky of course.

Tidy Bingo are offering you the chance to win an extra £25 bonus to add to your bingo budget at the site and all you have to do to is play and win on certain patterns in their 75 ball bingo rooms. Easy peasy! You get to play the games you love and be one step closer to a little boost to the allowance.

This promotion is running from 00:01 on the 1st of November until 23:59 on the 30th of November and to win, all you have to do is spell "GUY". To do this you just need to call bingo on the "G", "U", and "Y" patterns whilst the promotion is on. It really is a simple as that.

Now there are a few things that you need to know before you try and win. You have to be a funded player at Tidy Bingo to be enter the promotion, there is only one "GUY" per depositing player and only patterns called during the promotional period will count. Also, all prizes will be deposited into winning player accounts on the 1st of December.

So, if you fancy making Guy Fawkes night to go off with a bit more of a bang than usual, then get yourself down to Tidy Bingo and see if you can be a lucky winner of this £25 bonus.

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