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£15,000 to be won at Bet365 Bingo this Friday

Last update on Sept. 18, 2014.

Bet365 Bingo is tops when it comes to handing out massive cash prizes, a virtue that in my opinion is enabled by the site’s greater sportsbook network. That’s probably one of the best things about bigger sites that are connected to alternative betting portals. Anyway, enough of the speculation (I can delve a little too deep sometimes; forgive me). Let me tell you about the Big Night Out promo that’s kicking off tomorrow, Friday the 5th of April.

All of the online bingo games begin at various times between 6pm and 12am, of which the prizes vary. The total prize pool up for grabs is, as you may have already gathered, £15,000. Here’s the breakdown of the featured prizes and their respective prizes:

6pm - Bargain Bingo - £150      

  • 7:22pm - Party Bingo - £175      
  • 8:12pm - 5 Aside - £270      
  • 9:30pm - Bingo Linx - £1,000  
  • 10:02pm - Super 5 - £350      
  • 11:24pm - 5 Alive - £270      

To get in on the action you will need to make your way over to Bet365 Bingo’s Night on the Town room. Best to buy your tickets now though. You can do that by accessing the Promotions page on the site itself. There will also be some BOGOF, 1TG, 2TG and Last Chance Saloon games on the go. Tickets cost a mere 5p a pop.

Another awesome promotion I’d like to tell you about is the Grand National. The games plays on Saturday the 6th of April, the very next day after the Big Night Out games. Here’s the kicker – there’s £50,000 on the table! Ticket prices start at 5p but if want to snatch a chance of winning the top prize of £5,000 you’ll need to buy a 50p ticket. Here’s the line-up:

  • 4:06pm - Winners Race Roll On - £200      
  • 5pm - Grand National Special - £2,000
  • 6:12pm - Second Chance - £110
  • 6:36pm - Winners Race Roll On - £400      
  • 7:12pm - Second Chance - £110
  • 8:00pm - Grand National Special - £2,000
  • 8:54pm - Across the Board 1&2TG - £350
  • 10:06pm - Winners Race Roll On - £400
  • 10:30pm - Grand National Special Bingo Linx - £5,000
  • 11:54pm - Jockey's Final Hurdle - £120

All in all, there’s a grand total of £65,000 that will be given away on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of April. Imagine getting a share of that! 

Shame hun, are you not a member? Don’t worry, you can sign up for you Bet365 Bingo account now. There’s still time. And when you do you will get a £20 welcome bonus when you deposit and spend just £10.

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