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Last update on Sept. 2, 2014.

Bingostreet always manages to come up with amazing promotions. It’s no wonder the bingo site has such a loyal following. After recent talk of its wonderful array of regular offerings, we decided to take a look for ourselves because, to be honest, it’s been a while since we last paid it a visit. Boy were we surprised! From daily jackpots and bingo bonuses to re-deposit specials and team bingo, there’s a ton of fun to be had every day at Bingostreet. Here are some of our favourite online bingo promotions:

Joy Jackpots – Daily Cash Jackpots from 1p

Daily jackpots are a real treat and with card prices starting at 1p you can’t go wrong. There are games in total, namely £100 Daily Windfall and Joy90. The £100 Daily Windfall plays at 9:45pm every day in the Joy Tab. Tickets are just 1p and as its name suggests you can win £100 in this 75 ball bingo game. Joy90, by contrast, plays every 5 minutes! Prices vary between 1p and 10p and various jackpots are featured in this 90 ball room.

Penny Stretcher – Bargain Bingo

Free and seriously cheap bingo are daily features at Bingostreet. Three games make up this promo. Firstly, the 75 ball bingo game called Free 4 All plays from 8am to 10pm and prizes range between 50p and £1. Secondly, you’ll find 90 ball Freesy Street playing from 6pm until midnight, with £10 guaranteed every hour. And lastly, there’s The Local which plays from 10am until 1am. Card prices are 1p to 4p and jackpots vary.

Cash Cottage – Win up to £500

Simply cover your card in 48 calls or less and you could win the max of £500. Or bingo in 56 calls to win a min of £30. The game plays every Friday from 6p until 11pm in the Cheap as Chips rooms. Tickets are a mere 5p! The jackpot breakdown is as follows:

  • 48 calls – £500
  • 49 calls – £300
  • 50 calls – £250
  • 51 calls – £200
  • 52 calls – £150
  • 53 calls – £100
  • 54 calls – £75
  • 55 calls – £50
  • 56 calls – £30

Buddy Bingo – Make Friends and Earn JPS

Buddy Bingo runs for a fortnight. You’ll be teamed with 3 different buddies every two weeks. Bingo as many times as possible during that time period between 8am and 11pm in Bingostreet’s 75 and 90 ball rooms and your points will be added to those of your team. The top 20 teams will each win a share of 334,000 jps!

Welcome Bonus – Get a 200% Bonus  and up to £5 Free

If you have yet to register, sign up for your Bingostreet account now and you’ll get a huge 200% bonus on your first deposit. That means that if you deposit just £10 you’ll get another £20 absolutely free. Then you’ll also get a chance to play Bingostreet’s Shake the Signpost game and win up to £5.

So what are you waiting for, folks? Head over to Bingostreet now!

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